Litter cleanup campaign an opportunity for musicians

Inaugural national Anti-Littering Song Contest

Zurich, 5 May 2009 - Attention all musicians, bands, rappers and singers! In association with the music portal Mx3.ch, the Interest Group for a Clean Environment (IGSU) is launching the first national Anti-Littering Song Contest. The contest is open to all musicians in Switzerland. The only condition is that the lyrics of the songs must address the struggle against littering, i.e. the thoughtless throwing away of rubbish. 

A 5,000 Swiss francs prize awaits each of the three contest winners, be they bands or solo artists. The closing date for entries is 30 September 2009. Entrants should upload their songs direct to www.mx3.ch, quoting"IGSU". The lyrics can be in any of the official Swiss languages, including Romansh, as well as dialect or English. There are no restrictions on the genre, be it chanson, electro, folk, jazz, reggae or rock. 

Was isch los? by Griot
Back in 2008, the Basel-based rapper Griot released a new rap with the powerful chorus "Was isch los? Zeig Respäkt und wirf nid wäg" ("What's up? Show respect, don't throw it away") that caught the imagination and encouraged young people, in particular, to recycle more. It also provided the inspiration for IGSU to launch a song contest in association with national music portal www.mx3.ch. "The contest will tackle the subject of littering in a broad-based way and raise awareness about the thoughtless discarding of waste", said Daniel Frischknecht, IGORA marketing manager and IGSU co-founder. IGSU will also be on tour with its ambassadors, who will take the campaign to the public in towns and cities and at festivals, etc.. In addition, posters, poster sets and adverts can be ordered online free of charge from www.igsu.ch. They are primarily aimed at local authorities, but schools and other interested parties will find them useful in the campaign against littering.  

Prominent jury
Members of the jury include the rapper Griot, representatives of Mx3.ch and international music labels , and music editors from free newspapers and Swiss radio stations. The key date for the three best anti-littering songs is 15 October 2009, when the winners will be announced. 

IGSU has been campaigning against littering for the last five years. This summer it will again be targeting careless 'to-go' consumers with a series of measures. In addition to the two founder organisations, the IGORA Co-operative for Aluminium Recycling and PET Recycling, other members of the Interest Group for a Clean Environment are Migros, Coop, McDonald's, Tetra Pak, Vetro Swiss and the Swiss Press Association.

Please address any queries to:
Interest Group for a Clean Environment (IGSU), c/o IGORA Co-operative, Bellerivestrasse 28, P.O. Box, 8034 Zurich: Daniel Frischknecht: +41 44 387 50 10. This media release is available for download with photo and additional information from http://www.igsu.ch. See also www.igsu.ch/en/news.html.

Kick-off for the Anti-Littering Song Contest 09: musicians and bands are called upon to write a song against littering.  
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